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Customer Survey

What Our Clients are Saying

Meagan-Shadwick Simmons

The new equipment at this location is top of the line and performs flawlessly. The staff is great and makes the experience of getting your ride cleaned that much better. My full size 3/4 truck came out of the new wash spotless, a job the other washes in town can’t seem to get done without multiple passes through.

Troy Jones

We’ve had so much rain here in Bowling Green lately, so my car was covered in muddy overspray!! Thought I’d drive through Soap My Ride real quick as the lines were shorter than I’ve noticed lately and I thought I could get in and out quickly. What a great wash!!! The attendants were awesome and so very helpful making sure I was satisfied and the wash had all the nasty mud and funk off my car!!! More impressed than I thought I’d be!!! As it looks like this rain isn’t close to ending, I know I’ll be back!! Definitely a 5 Star car wash!!!

Paul Blick

Went last week to the Lost River Wave Tunnel for the first time and was very impressed by the shine left on my vehicle. After the rain this week, I went back today and ran it thru again. This is a family owned and ran business. Today, both owners, Colton Shea and Greg Shea stepped right in to help dry my truck off and make sure I was a happy customer. Excellent customer service and I’m very satisfied with the top notch shine it gives my vehicle! Soap My Ride BG gets 2 BIG THUMBS UP from me!!

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